BYX Stories



Caleb Howard

I found BYX my freshman year of college, and immediately I knew I had found my home. BYX has provided a fun, safe atmosphere where I could find a community of like-minded men to challenge me in my faith as we push toward sanctification. BYX is unique in its ministry as it equips its members with the tools they need to take what they’ve learned and give back to their community and other organizations they’re involved in. BYX has allowed me to have confidence in who the Lord has created me to be, and has reminded me of the joy there is in Christ-centered community. BYX has taught me the freedom found in living for Christ on a college campus, and allowed me to grow as a Christian, a man, and a leader while in college.


Robert Grissom

BYX has been a place for me that means community, accountability, and home. It has brought me men that make me a better person because of who they are. BYX is a place that has gotten me through the toughest time of my life and kept it pointed towards Christ all the while. I could not imagine my college experience without BYX and am so thankful for this organization because it has brought me my best friends, those who will strive for me to have a strong and powerful relationship with Jesus Christ. This community is the reason for my faith and a place that makes you want to strive for the Lord, and for that I am thankful.


Noah Trostle

BYX has allowed for a rare opportunity to see Christ through a Christian brotherhood. I know from this fraternity rich and full of faithful men is a community I can flee to for counsel and support during the punches of life. BYX has given me accountability and pushed me to be a man of God on a secular university while also being academically focused. I have been to find my best friends at college through this fraternity and know that these are the guys that will be my groomsmen someday. This brotherhood means so much to me and I am thankful for being able to be apart of these men’s lives. If I never found BYX during my freshman year I would have continued on a dark path of substance abuse and worldly pleasures. BYX is an amazing experience and I thank God for providing this brotherhood.