Is BYX an Extension of the Church?

  • BYX is not a church. We are a body of bible believing men, and as a whole we are very active in the local church, but we are not a church.

What is your stance on Alcohol?

  • The organizational position of BYX is that the consumption of alcohol in and of itself is not a sin. However, if the consumer is under the legal age limit set by the state, then for him it is sin. Also, if the consumption of alcohol takes the form of abuse, that is sin as well. Therefore, we prohibit any under-age drinking, alcohol abuse, or recreational drug use of any kind by BYX pledges and members.

What about Hazing?

  • Hazing is forbidden and will not be tolerated within BYX. Pledges are to be served by the active members as Christ came to serve. Once a pledge becomes a member, he has the right and obligation to serve future pledges. Any mistreatment of pledges or members violates the purposes of this fraternity. If at any time a pledge feels uncomfortable with an activity, he should first take his concern to the pledge trainers, then to the other executive officers of the chapter. If that is not reasonable, the pledge should contact the national office to inform its personnel of his concern. We expect all BYX chapters, alumni, members, and pledges to abide by the governing laws of your respective state and university.

How much are dues?

  • The price of dues vary every semester, but we strive to keep our dues as low as possible. During pledgeship your dues will be more than the average brother because of added costs of pledgeship.